Amen To Anthony Bourdain on Reddit Today

by Joshua Hoe

Anthony Bourdain (Author, Chef, Traveler, and CNN Personality) said the following during a Reddit AMA today:

I am Anthony Bourdain and I’m really good at finding cool shit. AMA..

“I think the pharmaceutical companies have to share some responsibility here, but I think it’s sort of the final evidence of the utter failure of the war on drugs. I think it’s about time we start treating addiction as a pressing and urgent health problem rather than a law enforcement problem. I’ve spoken with many many law enforcement officials about this over the years, and not one of them can look you in the eye and say that their entire life’s effort–fighting drugs by interdiction, impounding, or taking out cartels–none of it has had any effect on the price or availability of narcotics. I think it’s time we see the disruptive effects of the war on drugs. I remember when it was declared during the Nixon years, and we need to find a Plan B, and start treating drug addiction as the health problem it is. To do otherwise would be an absolute denial of the facts.”

Only Bernie Sanders has summarized the problem with addiction policies better when, at a town hall meeting, he said that Addiction was a public health problem and not a criminal justice problem.

Amen to both.

5 Stars “…a wealth of knowledge and experience.”


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