Writing Your Own Best Story Now Only $2.99

5 Stars – “Practical advice for dealing with life’s hardest struggles.” – EAZ

5 Stars – “Intimate and insightful view into the life and struggles of an addict.” – Leon

My eBook, “Writing Your Own Best Story: Addiction and Living Hope just turned one year old.

To celebrate, and hope it helps more people, I have reduced the price to only $2.99.

If you are suffering from addiction and having a hard time finding recovery, I have included every tool and tip that has helped me go from over 20 years of addiction to recovery (through some pretty dark times) and that have kept me sober for over 6.5 years (and counting thank God!).

After my arrest in 2010, I spent much of my time trying to learn as much as I could about addiction, reading 100’s of books, sharing stories with other addicts, working with therapists, and practicing what I learned in my own ongoing sobriety from Sex Addiction.

The book tells my entire story, shares all of the information I learned from my years of researching addiction and shares all of my best tools and tips for recovery and sobriety.

I wrote my book in the hopes that it could help prevent others from making the same mistakes that I made. I hope it helps you recover and find a lasting sobriety!

I try to continue to share my experience, strength, and hope here on my recovery blog on a regular basis. Hope to connect and hear about your successes!

You can order my eBook Writing Your Best Story for only $2.99 by clicking HERE.

5 Stars – “A Voice of Reason” – Amazon Customer

5 Stars – “Clearly written, practical, and unflinchingly honest.” – Stephen



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