5 Problems With the Muslim Ban (Huge)

  1. It is a Muslim Ban (everyone who is “for it” is thrilled about it).
  2. The vast majority of terrorists who have attacked us were either home grown or from countries that are not on the list (the odds of getting hit by lightning are higher than being attacked by a foreign terrorist in the United States and you are MUCH more likely to be killed in the almost daily gun violence throughout the United States).
  3. The Executive Order doesn’t reduce the risk at all. Terrorists come in all shapes, religions, and can enter from ANY country. Is the argument for the ban really that so-called terrorist masterminds cannot just change the route or pick different folks?
  4. Other countries can now feel 100% comfortable denying US visas on any pretense they want (remember none of these people denied entry are being removed based on any meaningful “threat criteria,” this thing was concocted not planned). In fact, they didn’t even work out the details with the agencies that would be involved.
  5. Our number one ally in the War on Terror is the goodwill we build around the world. We just eroded more “Soft Power” in one day than we have in decades. Credibility and good-will are hard-earned and easily lost.

Honestly, regardless of if you like our current POTUS or not, this was poorly conceived and just flat out bad policy (and yes, I do have a basis for comment – I have a Master’s in International Relations).

Usually don’t get too political here, but if you read my post yesterday, I think this was a really bad idea and it is an idea that doesn’t square (at all) with my own Christianity.


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