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Joshua Hoe, Write Your Own Best Story
Joshua Hoe of Write Your Own Best Story

Joshua Hoe is a freelance writer and blogger.

He holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Central Oklahoma (1992) and he is a proud alum of UCO (BLA).

He is the author of the book “Writing Your Own Best Story: Addiction + Living Hope” now available on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble.

Writing Your Own Best Story: Addiction + Living Hope by Joshua Hoe
Writing Your Own Best Story: Addiction + Living Hope

You can purchase the ebook at:


The cost of the book is $4.99

Writing the book inspired him to start the blog, in hopes it might help other people struggling with addiction, depression, panic disorder, or facing their own personal crisis.

He lives in Michigan but has also lived in New York, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Arizona.

He is virtually certain that he is the only person in the world who has both won a national college debate championship (CEDA 1990) and been in the finals of the over-40 basketball tournament at St. Louis (MI) Prison (a fact he is not proud of).

Finding a strong program of recovery has been what stood between him and disaster since his arrest in 2010.  He has been sober since June 6th of 2010.

For his recovery, he thanks:

God, his family, therapy, his sponsor, and the large recovery community in Michigan.

He writes because he is passionate about recovery and as part of his amends.

Thank you for visiting Write Your Own Best Story! Your best stories have yet to be written!

Josh will have an article in the Summer 2016 issue of In Recovery Magazine.

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