My “2 Way” Faith

Before I found recovery, I was an incredibly cynical person. I disdained participation in every meeting I was forced to attend, what could I possibly learn from someone else that wasn’t a waste of my time? I hated “planned” group activities and the “childish” things that always came with them. I distrusted all displays of emotion and… Continue reading My “2 Way” Faith

Recovery Is Not Magic (It’s A Process)

The so-called “Talking Heads” on television always act surprised and even offended whenever a prominent celebrity relapses. These “addiction commentators” make rehab and recovery sound like an almost magical process that immediately “cures” people. Usually, they conclude with a statement how sad it is that the particular celebrity struggling with addiction can’t “get it together”… Continue reading Recovery Is Not Magic (It’s A Process)

The Gentle Path To Recovery

Many of my recovery friends have called my idea of recovery “The Gentle Path” but what does that mean? It means: Relapse is often a part of recovery Recovery is about making progress not about attaining perfection “Harm Reduction” is always better than “Tough Love” or “Punishment” Every day in recovery is better than a day… Continue reading The Gentle Path To Recovery

Recovery: Will I Choose “Clown College” or Continuing Ed?

When I talk about my “program of recovery” I am talking about the tools that I use on a regular basis to remind me that I am in recovery and to make sobriety possible for me. My program of recovery includes (but is not limited to): Keeping my 24-hour token in my wallet so that… Continue reading Recovery: Will I Choose “Clown College” or Continuing Ed?

Take Off Your Emotional Boxing Gloves

I spent most of my younger life falling in and out of “love.” I would chase someone for months, charm them, date them, start a relationship, and then…right when everything should have been perfect, I would start to distance myself emotionally from them. Basically, the exact moment they started to search for the “real me”… Continue reading Take Off Your Emotional Boxing Gloves