Bipartisanship Begins At Home

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently summed up what most GOP folks have said: “It’s time to finally accept the results of the election,” he said, “and move on.” No offense folks but: A) Practice What You Preach and, no offense, but, B)  Methinks You Protest Too Much You (the GOP) just spent 8 years obstructing… Continue reading Bipartisanship Begins At Home

My “2 Way” Faith

Before I found recovery, I was an incredibly cynical person. I disdained participation in every meeting I was forced to attend, what could I possibly learn from someone else that wasn’t a waste of my time? I hated “planned” group activities and the “childish” things that always came with them. I distrusted all displays of emotion and… Continue reading My “2 Way” Faith

3 Reasons the Democrats Cannot Back Down On SCOTUS

There are rumors that the Democratic leadership is considering allowing POTUS to get his SCOTUS nomination through confirmation rather than risk the GOP changing Senate rules and getting rid of the supermajority cloture requirement (60 votes on Supreme Court nominees and Senate legislation). Fox even presented a play-by-play of what would happen if the Democrats fought… Continue reading 3 Reasons the Democrats Cannot Back Down On SCOTUS