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Writing Your Own Best Story,: Addiction + Living Hope

Writing Your Own Best Story: Addiction + Living Hope

A book about Recovery by Joshua Hoe,

Available at Amazon for $4.99

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Steven gave “Writing Your Best Story” 5 Stars and said:

Clearly written, practical, and unflinchingly honest. Author’s been through hell and back and remembers everything he learned on the way. Approachable writing with good lessons.

David F wrote about my book:

“Very impressive read and extremely well researched. Lesson to learn for everyone in this book,whether an addict or not.”


“The meek shall inherit the earth”

Addiction and Recovery are hard!

But, no matter how far you fall, or how much your struggle, there is always hope for recovery.

So I wrote my book, Writing Your Own Best Story and published it about a month ago (as of January 1, 2016).

I poured my life experiences into the book and it includes the 100’s of tools and tips that helped me go from absolute rock bottom (prison) to my current 5.5 years of my sobriety and recovery.

My goal is to share my experience strength and hope with you to help you build your own powerful program of recovery.

Your best story hasn’t been written yet!

I am writing as part of my own amends and also to share the valuable tools I have discovered through my own recovery.

I sincerely hope my book can help you develop a strong program of recovery!

You can purchase the ebook at:


The cost of the book is $4.99

Thanks to EAZ for his 5 Star Amazon Review!

Before Purchasing, feel free to read this free chapter (For the Partners of Addicts) – hover over the bottom of the page to turn pages:

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If you are struggling, would like to read the book, and do not have the money write me at

I try to check that email once a week, so be patient, I will 100% get back to you!

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